Socks for Zach (Pairs #39-43)

Zach, being a preemie, had teeny tiny feet and ankles.  He was actually a kinda big preemie, weighing in at 5 lbs. 11 oz., but still there were no socks to fit him.  He had a yellow pair that the hospital gave him but needed more.  I tried soooooooo many patterns and nothing fit him so I did what I should have done first – I measured him and made socks custom to his foot.

Socks for my new daughter (Pair #37)

These socks were made for Danielle for Christmas.  I really am not fond of this yarn.  Sadly, the two skeins were slightly different so they don’t match perfectly color-wise.  I didn’t enjoy working with the yarn.  Unfortunately, I have more of it but socks are grand so I’m sure they’ll be fine.  Danielle likes them and again………that’s all that really matters.

**Paton’s Kroy – Fern Rose Jacquard**

Socks for Mark and me (or is it I?? or is it myself?? – hmmmm) (Pairs #34-36)

socks-x-3These three pair took forever to make.  The red, white and blue pair – oh did I dislike that yarn.  Until I told myself ok, they’ll be my 4th of July patriotic socks, I just dreaded working on them.  After that, it was smooth sailing.  The middle pair are for Mark .  They were ok to work on except the solid color got a little boring but that’s because I love working with the self-patterning so much.  The other pair – oh my – they were my biggest sock disappointment to date.  They are Paton’s Kroy.  It worked up beautifully.  The pattern is the fluted banister pattern that I’ve always wanted to try and is actually brainless knitting and they turned out beautiful – until I washed and blocked them.  They lost some of their brilliant color and felted just a bit.  We’ll see how they wear but again, disappointed.

Helpful hint – don’t walk away from a photo shoot with cats in the house who adore and covet wool.


**Teri’s 4th of July socks – Regia 5346

Mark’s maroon socks – Regia Stretch 32

Teri’s fluted banister socks – Paton’s Kroy Stripes 56615 Bronzed Berry Stripes**

Corey, the foot model (Pair #32)

corey-camoDoesn’t Corey make a lovely foot model?  These are Corey’s newest socks, although these are from March 6, so I’m wayyyyyy behind on posting.  The socks Corey got for Christmas were not a perfect fit so I made him these to his specifications (mental note – Sock Wizard doesn’t work for everybody).

**Regia Stretch Nordic Oslo 124**

Socks for me (Pair #31)

**Regia Stretch Color 117 with Regia black for heel and toe contrast**

socks-31These socks just called out for contrast so I did the heels and toes in black.  I LOVE how they turned out.  I made them to wear for “Christmas Eve” at my parents’ house, which is actually being held tonight, on New Year’s Eve, since Mom was in the hospital on Christmas Eve (in total, she was in the hospital December 23, 24 and 25).  So, I hurried and finished them to wear them for “Christmas Eve”, washed them and blocked them last night so they would be ready for the party tonight.