Zachary…cutest little napper ever

How cute is this little napper?  We gave him the option of napping on the sofa or in his bed.  He was soooooo excited about the sofa.  He grabbed a pillow and comforter and snuggled up with a book…


Mark and I were so proud this weekend to watch Keith and Justin’s first joint 5k. It was at Purdue to benefit cancer research. We love you guys!!!


Can I get a picture?

When we were taking Zachary back home last weekend, we went through the car wash.  He always loves the car wash.  I remember taking one of my nephews through a car wash once (Blaise), and he white-knuckled it, shaking the whole time.  Zachary loves it.  He reaches out and tries to get the foam things as they slap his window.  We had just bought him a little toy camera and this is him taking a picture of the car wash………

Where my babies at????

Last night was another ultrasound for the new babies…….the twins.  Here I am pushing Zach up and down the hall because being a little boy, he just wanted to run.  He looked in every room every time we went up and down the hall – little Curious George that he is (all were empty – just restrooms and x-ray rooms).

and here is Zach getting to see his babies and a couple pics of the ultrasound and the soon-to-be parents of three (hey – that rhymes!!!)……these babies were VERY active – can’t wait to meet them for real but it sure was nice to see them moving…..

Chloe, it’s for you…..

Zach answered the phone and apparently it was for Chloe because he drug the entire kitchen to Chloe……